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Organic produce

Firstly, if you encounter any problems with your organic produce PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to notify us. We are pretty flexible with any adjustments as we guarantee the Freshness of our produce.

“Reminder: In terms of delivery, please do not leave more than 2 boxes for the couriers to pick up. They also have a truckload of stuff to deliver and have limited space. If you have many, please CONTACT US directly and we will make arrangements to pick them up ourselves. Please be understanding to the courier limitations as we had finally found a reliable one! PLEASE continue to leave your boxes in a visible spot so that the courier can pick them up (preferably the same place he left it the last time. Let us know if you experienced any problems. On another note, orders for the the whole range of certified organic milk/yoghurt/unhomogenised milk and others are due. Deliveries start next week so place your orders ASAP. Check out below for our fantastic SPECIALS! ”

Enjoy a box full of certified organic goodness direct from the growers! Usual price is $75 but we are providing it at a wholesale discount about 40% to support our growers. Total weight of the box is 8kg. That’s $5.80/kg. Fantastic value for certified organic produce.

This week’s Growers Direct Seasonal Box:

Bok Choy x 1 bunch
Broccoli x 1pc(300g)
Cabbage green quarter x 1
Carrot J 500g
Corn x 1
Eggplant x 1 pc
Lettuce x1
Potato Dutch Cream 1kg
Sweet Potato x 500g
Tomato 500g
Apple Gala x 350g
Banana 1kg
Kiwi 350g
Orange Val 1kg
Pears 350g

**Content may vary due to availability

Many SPECIALS Available


Apples all avail Avocado Hass – as smooth and buttery as above but marks on the skin.
Bananas are great.
Grapefruit are not avail.
KIWIFRUIT are not avail
Lemons (Available)
Mandarins (not avail)
Val Oranges are very juicy and sweet from NSW.
Pears Green – (Available)
Pineapples are (Available)
Watermelon (maybe)


Herbs Bunches:

Basil is avail
Bay Leaves
Bok Choy
Kaffir Lime Leaves
Lemongrass (buy now by the stick)
Mint – Green Garden Mint.
Pak Choy
Parsley Flat
Parsley Curly
Tat Soi

Jerusalem Artichokes – (Not Available).
Asian Greens – Bok Choy short supply, Choy Sum, Pak Choy, Tat Soi (all local)
Beetroot is very nice bunches and single bulbs (locally grown).
Broccoli is fresh in and supply has improved greatly.
Green Capsicum is back in stock.
Green Cabbages are great eating right now.
Red Cabbages are also back in.
Carrots Medium at the moment are very sweet and tasty.
Juicing Carrots are very good too.
Celery is back in and very juicy.
Daikon has arrived back at the markets for another season.
Baby English Spinach and Salad packs are sensational right now.
Eggplant is dark and glossy.
English Spinach bunches are a very welcome sight again.
Fennell has made a welcome return.
Ginger – from Sth Australia – better supply this week.
Scottish Kale has come back this week (locally grown)
Lettuce will be available in Butter, Cos, Mini Cos, Iceberg, Green Oak, Red Oak (all local).
Button Mushrooms are back again – by the kilo or the punnet.
Parsnip (Not Available).
Dutch Cream and Sebago Potatoes will all be available.
Butternut Pumpkin – extremely good quality from South Australia.
Jap Pumpkin – new season from Qld.
Radish bunches have made a re-appearance.
Rhubarb is back again.
Silverbeet will be in good supply (half bunches now too!).
Snow Peas have come back to us again!
Baby English Spinach packs
Sweet Potato Kumera (orange flesh) & Purple (white flesh) this week.
Cherry Tomatoes have returned.
Tomatoes – quality is good – Rounds & Roma are available.
Turmeric (fresh) is back in stock for the winter.
Turnips Available.
Zucchini avail

Sprouts – Sunflower, Alfalfa, Mung, Radish and Broccoli Sprouts are in all in stock.


That’s about all we have for you this week so have a great week and we’ll be talking to you soon.

Darren and Elaina and the Team at Wholefood Central (Formerly Centwest Organics) Phone: 0415668873

Order online: Convenient Home Delivery to Sydney / Canberra / Wollongong / Tamworth / Coff Harbour / Central West NSW and more.

Note: All Sydney Customers can have their esky recycled by the courier if you place it while your current order is being delivered.


This article has been written by Personal Trainer and Tao Nutrition Ambasador, Jess. If you don’t yet know about this superwomen- click here

As a Personal Trainer that has been training myself and clients for 11 years I have tried and tested a lot of different methods of training.

I truly believe that not only should we look amazing but feel and perform just as good!!

So many women, men and young adults these days are all too caught up in the aesthetics of fitness and this makes for a very unhealthy fitness society!

Obviously if you are training for a specific sporting event you are going to condition your body purely to perform the best it can for that particular sport, but 85% of people in a gym environment are training for weight loss, weight management, muscle gain or to feel and look good.

They do these mundane gym routines which will build muscle but won’t create any functional strength for their health or well-being.

I believe that I have a great method for training that will bring functional strength, Cardiovascular Fitness and endurance and also the aesthetics 99% of our society crave.

So what is this method?

It is a combination of Metobolical, Isolation and Strength Training.


What does that mean?

Well metobolical training is completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. FYI, your metabolism (aka metabolic rate) is how many calories your body burns at rest.

Isolation training – Take the biceps curl for example. While we think that this most basic isolation movement only works the biceps, many muscles in your hands, forearms, shoulders, core and back also play a role. With that being said, isolation movements, more than compound exercises, place an emphasis on a single muscle.

Strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.

Put them all together and what a great combination and think of the benefits that is going to bring your new found gym program.

Thanks for this great article Jess- we will continue to hear more from Jess- so check back here

Bianca xx