Namaste Beautiful Yogis….

We are so humbled when master yogis like Ali from Interval Yoga try Tao Nutrition. We have been following her youtube videos for a while now and regularly do her yoga sessions out on the grass on a sunday morning and really felt the benefits of additional flexibility, a great workout and being more relaxed afterwards. If you havent seen her channel yet you can find it here, she teaches:

“strong, creative & butt kicking yoga classes! I offer yoga classes for all levels. Weekly uploads of strong power interval impact vinyasa yoga flows. interval training, tabata, HIIT workouts.” 

Her commitment to her craft shines through and were so happy when people like her start to use Tao Nutrition Natural and Vegan Protein Powder for their healthy recovery and snacks. Dont miss her favourite Tao ingredient and why at 1:35 in…. :)


What is your favourite post workout Tao recipe? Post below


Tao Nutrition – the best protein powder for after a yoga workout



We’ve been admiring Sarah-Louise’s food creations and photography on Instagram for some time now.

Her creations are creative and practical- they are also vegan, healthy and delicious.

After connecting with Sarah-Louise, we knew she was an amazing person- and it didn’t take long for us to realise we had found a new Tao Nutrition Ambassador!

Sarah-Louise is going to share her Tao Nutrition creations with us all! We are so excited!




Welcome to the Team Sarah-Louise


Read on to discover more about this amazing Mother, Roller Derby Nut and Lover of all things Vegan!

Tao Nutrition Ambassador Sarah-Louise

Age: 33
City: Sydney


I am a highly motivated, super compassionate and busy mum of 1 little girl and wife to an Army Husband!

I work full-time as a Learning and Development Consultant in the software/travel industry.

I am passionate about ALL things VEGAN. Photography, The Beach, Music, Yoga and Roller Derby! Yes, I am officially a Roller Derby Nut! This mum loves to get her skates on and zoom around the track!


What makes me happy?
My Family, The ocean and my fur baby, Sagan. (Looks like cute sagon loves Tao too!! so cute!)



I love to Travel
I want to see as much of the world as I can! I love hiking and exploring! Any type of adventure will get me excited!

A typical mid-week and weekend day in the life of me is
Mid-week is all about routine! My husband and I both work full time, and raise our young daughter together. We like to stay as active as possible, but still have family time. So mid-weeks are structured around family afternoon walks or swimming and lots of time to play.

On the weekends, we try to get to the beach as much as we can (having lived on the beach for so long, we

really do miss it, so we are happy to take the time to get out doors!) Sundays are spent cooking – Pancake Sundays followed by food prep for the week ahead.


The best advice I have ever been given is….
Don’t be scared of falling – Live like you have a giant safety net under you – it will catch you if you fall and bounce you back up.


Sarah-Louise’s top 3 health and wellness tips are:

  1. Stay hydrated. Most of the time we ache, or have skin/hair/tummy problems because we don’t drink enough water!
  2. Restrictions don’t work – change the thought patterned change the habit
  3. If you’re not happy – don’t do it


My favourite way to be active is…
ROLER DERBY! I try to skate at least 3-4 times a week. But I’m always moving everyday! Even if it is a walk down to the park with my fur baby!


My most memorable achievement to date is…
Giving Birth! Seriously! Its hard work!


Why I started to use Tao Nutrition…
The Taste! Its like nothing I have had before! It’s so yummy! And its VEGAN! WINNING!

It’s so easy to incorporate into dishes and smoothies. Because it tastes so amazing, I find it is really versatile and I can sneak protein in anywhere!

I use Tao Nutrition in my smoothie, baking and of course on Pancake Sunday!


My go-to meals and snacks when I am super busy are…
Smoothies! Because I can make a huge batch and I know my daughter loves them too!

“Cooking and integrating protein powder into everyday snakes, meals and treats isn’t all that hard! There is so much you can do!”

Again, Welcome to the Tao Nutrition Ambassador team Sarah-Louise


We can not wait to see your upcoming Tao Nutrition creations!


For either Breakfast or Dessert,

I Love Smoothie Jar Goodness!

But not all Smoothie Jar Recipe’s are created equal. Made Right – Smoothie Jar’s can be the Perfect Balance of Healthy Natural Protein (Tao Nutrition), Healthy Fats (Seeds) and Healthy Carbs (Fruit)

This healthy combination keeps you balanced and firing

Why are Protein, Fats and Carbs Essential?

Protein is essential for sustaining life and proper function. It plays a significant role in the building and repairing functions of your body. Your muscles, skin, hair and nails are all made up of protein. Tao Nutrition is a clean, pure and healthy protein source.

Healthy fats are absolutely essential for a healthy body. Seeds are a great natural source.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, and the healthiest forms are fresh fruits or vegetables.

And if you have a good blender or processor, these are incredibly easy to make.

Here is the Easy to Make Smoothie Jar Recipe :


Frozen Fruit (I love Mango, Banana and Blueberries)



Tao Nutrition Natural Protien Powder (Chocolate or Vanilla)

Seeds and /or Nuts

How to:

Place Ice, Frozen Fruit, Tao Nutrition Natural Protein Powder and ¼-1/2 cup Water into your Blender or Processor

Mix until well combined

Spoon out into your smoothie jar

Top with seeds and nuts

Wallah! Enjoy!

Eat with a spoon rather than a straw- it;s the new way to enjoy the traditional smoothie :)

Bianca xx


“Protein Balls are such a great snack”. I especially love them as you can make a huge batch and throw half in the freezer. They keep for ages, and it is so easy to grab one as you are heading out the door. They are a great option for lunch boxes too.

This recipe is a life changer as it is SOOO delicious, quick and easy. “You can thank me later :)

Bianca xx

I call these- “when a friend is coming over Protein Balls”– because guests (and kids) LOVE them, and they are quick to make with minimal mess :)



  • Dates (look for medjool in the chilled section of the supermarket as these are the best type. They are sweet and juicy! Don’t forget to discard the seeds)
  • Organic dried shredded coconut (I simply prefer the taste of organic coconut, but up to you!)
  • 1-2 scoops of Tao Nutrition Tao Nutrition
  • 1 tablespoon cacao
  • Agave
  • Coconut oil


How To:

Feed all ingredients (with the exception of the last two) into a food processor. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and continue to process. The mixture will most likely be a bit dry, so simply add some agave to reach your ideal  consistency. You are looking for a mixture that holds together when you squeeze it. You can also add in a few drips of water if you have added what you think is enough agave.  (Taste is a personal thing :) )

Once you have reached your ideal consistency, take small amounts out and roll into balls using the palms of your hands. This is the fun bit!! If you have kids- get them to join in!

HINT: If you find the mixture sticks to your hands A Bit to much- rub a small amount of COCONUT oil on your palms, and then CONTINUE to roll :)

PS- I haven’t given measurements – as it really depends on the batch you want to make and personal taste. But for a small batch why not start out with 300g of dates, a small handful of shredded coconut, 1 scoop of Tao, 1 tablespoon cacao. Then add your agave and coconut oil as it is needed.


Enjoy with people who make you feel as good as these taste!! :)

Bianca xx


When it comes to health, fitness and balance –

Adam Trama means business.

Adam is a former Corporal in the Royal Australian Army, where he became a Physical Training Instructor.
Now an in-demand PT based in Sydney, we were honoured for Adam to share his story with us.

Read on to discover more about this Sydney based Exercise Physiologist in the making!


Adam Trama, 26.
Sydney, NSW

“I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who always strives to be better everyday”

I was born in NSW, but moved to the Sunshine coast in QLD when I was a few months old. I grew up on a farm, so I love being outdoors and active. I participated in nearly every sport growing up, representing QLD in basketball and swimming, however perhaps my greatest sporting accomplishment was winning the Under 16 Australian Champion Lifesaver competition held at Perth in 2005.

I have always been a good leader, starting through school when I was the Sports and House Captain for 2006, and later progressing to joining the Royal Australian Army in 2009. I joined as an Artilleryman and spent three years serving in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps, Townsville. With extremely hard work, in 2013 I was successful in becoming a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Australian Army and was posted to Wagga Wagga in NSW and promoted to the rank of Corporal.

I discharged from the Army in April 2015, wanting to pursue a career as an Exercise Physiologist. I have recently applied for the University of Sydney to make this career a reality.


What makes me happy?

The main things that make me happy is my family and friends, my lovely fiancé, my health, fitness and being outdoors exercising, surfing and soaking up the sun.


A typical mid-week and weekend day in the life of me is:

Mid-week I am working hard in my current role as a PT, I’m awake by 4.30 am to start work by 5.30 am.  Most days I have back-to-back clients, which I find extremely rewarding, helping others achieve their life goals.  However, on the weekend I am able to relax by spending time with my fiancé and friends, exercising, going to the beach, surfing and searching for tasty coffee.

The best advice I have ever been given is:

Life is what you make of it, you can sit back and be comfortable or you can set the bar higher and reflect on what you have accomplished.

“My top 3 health and wellness tips for you are”

1. Have warm lemon water as soon as you wake up to kick-start your digestion.

2. Try to exercise outdoors. Being surrounded by the nature and fresh air will help you feel grounded and relieve stress.

3. Find your work-life balance. It is important to schedule ‘down time’ and enjoy your day-to-day life.

My favourite way to be active is

I enjoy maintaining variety such as, resistance training, cross fit, surfing and running. My life is exercise, therefore, I am active every day.


My most memorable achievement to date is

Becoming the Under 16 Australian Champion Lifesaver in 2005


Why I started to use Tao Nutrition

I had been searching for a natural protein supplement for some time, when finally my fiancé mentioned Tao. I was impressed by the quality and the ability to know exactly what each ingredient is.


Why Tao Nutrition works for me

Tao assists in maintaining my energy levels with a busy schedule and during regular exercise. Tao helps improve my recovery time during and after intense exercise by supplying my muscles and tissue with essential nutrients.


How I use Tao Nutrition in daily life

Shakes with milk or water twice a day plus healthy snack alternatives such as protein balls and muffins.


“My go-to meals and snacks when I am super busy are Tao Protein Balls and an easy Tao shake. But I also love Tao & Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes”



Inspired by Adams story? Recover like him with Tao Nutrition


Reading Time < 4min

Tao Nutrition welcomes David Williamson to the team as their star ambassador. Dave is a 3 time Ironman Triathlon finisher (with a sub 10hr PB – fast!), 8 times half ironman finisher,Triathlon and running coach AND husband and father of two lively boys.

Tao Nutrition Director, Bianca Perry is excited to welcome Dave to the Tao Nutrition Team.

“David embodies Tao Nutrition’s mantra. His passion for fitness, performance and general wellness through living a healthful lifestyle was the perfect fit for Tao Nutrition’s vision. We are thrilled to have David as our Tao Nutrition ambassador.”

With an outstanding result in the Port Macquarie Ironman race in May 2013, David is now setting his sights on recovering from his race, furthering his triathlon and wellness coaching and putting in some solid pre-season work to prepare for next year.

Dave discovered Tao after a chance meet up with the founders which developed into him becoming a front man for the natural protein superfood.

Dave gave us some insight into his nutrition strategy, “I have been using various sources of plant based protein to enhance my training and maximise gains through recovery for some time. Tao incorporates a number of superfoods into the mix and takes my basic protein intake to a whole new level. Being able to use Tao is an efficient, effective and easy way to cover a whole number of nutritional bases. It’s a high quality product, tastes unreal, and has become a vital part of my daily plant based superfood rich diet!”

Dave will regularly feature on giving insights into his success in achieving a high level health, wellness and performance. Visit here to view an exciting exclusive interview with him.

The Tao Team lives health, strength, fitness and vitality- we hope you liked the post!  It’d mean the world to us if you’d help spread the word by simply clicking the Share Button below.

Tao Nutrition brings you the Best Natural Protein Superfood Powder for men & women. We are proudly 100% owned and made in Australia. To make Tao part of your daily nutrition plan simply click shop online below.


Blake has put in years of hard work, dedication and focus to achieve a spot in the 2015 World Ironman Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

After placing second and qualifying at Ironman Melbourne in March this year, he earned his spot on the starting line of what has been acclaimed as the ‘hardest one day event in the world’.

Ever wondered what it takes to perform at this level?

10 weeks out from race day lets take a look……

Week 10


Some great take aways there. Why is he in the top 1% of athletes? Doing things others wont to get what other dont. Love it!! Keep up the good work mate, and enjoy your Tao Smoothies for recovery! The best protein powder for triathletes.

Grab your bag of the Best Natural and Vegan Protein Powder – Tao Nutrition here


This Afternoon Tea Protein Ice Cream has Only 3 Ingredients….

It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Guilt Free and Artificial Sugar Free!

“It is Full of Y U M!!!!”


Today, Michael and I enjoyed a rainy Sunday running and exploring the beautiful Noosa National Park.




After a day on the trails, we came home feeling like something sweet, but something nourishing. 


I decided we needed  Afternoon Tea Ice Cream!


“It was soooooo goood! I needed to share it with you.”


Here it goes:

All you need: Frozen Bananas, Tao Nutrition Protein and Coconut Water. 
How to: Process until smooth. Enjoy!



-Add a medjool date or agave for those with an extra sweet tooth.
-Add some carob or cacao for the chocoholics:)
-Top with berries to impress 


Michael and I loved this today… It is so good when you feel like something sweet and nourishing!!

Enjoy by the spoonful knowing this is good for your lips- and your hips!


Bianca. xx


This Delicious Creation Finds It’s Way To Us From Melbourne, Australia



This Inspiration Is From the Talented Kitchen of The Wonderful Cook Clean Cuisine!

Beautifully, there isn’t a long or detailed recipe

Peanut Butter Protein Balls


Tao Nutrition Choc + Dates + Almonds + Cacao + Coco Quench + Rice Malt Syrup and Peanut Butter.

As per usual with protein balls, roughly match the amount of dry ingredients with the wet.

Then – Process, Roll, Enjoy.

Easy Peasy Healthy Yummines!

Thank You Cook Clean Cuisine!

Bianca. xx