Here we share 5 delicious smoothies straight from healthy instagram foodies

Try these killer combos and you wont be disappointed!

Each featuring delicious Tao Nutrition Organic Vanilla bean! Enjoy! xx


Almond Mylk Love



This smoothie recipe and pic was created by cook clean cuisine. She is a Melbourne healthy foodie wonder.

This recipe features almond milk, coconut water, frozen banana, dates, cinnamon, ice and Tao Nutrition organic vanilla bean. This is a perfect morning tea smoothie.


Beautiful berry bliss


This beautiful smoothie was created by the wonderful genevievevaa of instagram. She loves Tao Nutrition Organic Vanilla bean and we have been loving her insta pics.

This beauty features berries, banana, ice and water. Add in Tao Nutrition organic vanilla bean to your blender to give it a protein kick. Try it and love it! xx


Mango banana magic ✨ 



The wonderful genevievevaa of instagram shines again with this nana and mango classic.

Simply add frozen banana, mango ice, water and Tao Nutrition organic vanilla bean to your blender. Yummy! xx


Strawberry nana ice cream layered with blueberry nana ice cream 🍦 topped with goji & coconut chips

Known for her beautiful creations, Tao Nutrition’s resident foodie andrea food blogger inspires our creative side with her recipes!

To create ice cream:  simply process frozen banana, blueberries, Tao Nutrition Organic Vanilla Bean and a touch of water. For the strawberry layer process frozen banana, frozen strawberries and a touch of water. Layer in your jar and top with goji berries and coconut flakes.

Strawberry & Acai Crush



Our resident foodie Andrea Food Blogger has created a delicious mountain of health in a jar with this inspiration!

Simply add frozen acai (you can find in the freezer section of a good health food store), frozen strawberries, dates, ice, water and Tao Nutrition organic vanilla bean for a protein and antioxidant hit!


Photo credit: To the wonderful cookcleancuisine, genevievevaa and foodbloggeradnrea x