We’ve been admiring Sarah-Louise’s food creations and photography on Instagram for some time now.

Her creations are creative and practical- they are also vegan, healthy and delicious.

After connecting with Sarah-Louise, we knew she was an amazing person- and it didn’t take long for us to realise we had found a new Tao Nutrition Ambassador!

Sarah-Louise is going to share her Tao Nutrition creations with us all! We are so excited!




Welcome to the Team Sarah-Louise


Read on to discover more about this amazing Mother, Roller Derby Nut and Lover of all things Vegan!

Tao Nutrition Ambassador Sarah-Louise

Age: 33
City: Sydney


I am a highly motivated, super compassionate and busy mum of 1 little girl and wife to an Army Husband!

I work full-time as a Learning and Development Consultant in the software/travel industry.

I am passionate about ALL things VEGAN. Photography, The Beach, Music, Yoga and Roller Derby! Yes, I am officially a Roller Derby Nut! This mum loves to get her skates on and zoom around the track!


What makes me happy?
My Family, The ocean and my fur baby, Sagan. (Looks like cute sagon loves Tao too!! so cute!)



I love to Travel
I want to see as much of the world as I can! I love hiking and exploring! Any type of adventure will get me excited!

A typical mid-week and weekend day in the life of me is
Mid-week is all about routine! My husband and I both work full time, and raise our young daughter together. We like to stay as active as possible, but still have family time. So mid-weeks are structured around family afternoon walks or swimming and lots of time to play.

On the weekends, we try to get to the beach as much as we can (having lived on the beach for so long, we

really do miss it, so we are happy to take the time to get out doors!) Sundays are spent cooking – Pancake Sundays followed by food prep for the week ahead.


The best advice I have ever been given is….
Don’t be scared of falling – Live like you have a giant safety net under you – it will catch you if you fall and bounce you back up.


Sarah-Louise’s top 3 health and wellness tips are:

  1. Stay hydrated. Most of the time we ache, or have skin/hair/tummy problems because we don’t drink enough water!
  2. Restrictions don’t work – change the thought patterned change the habit
  3. If you’re not happy – don’t do it


My favourite way to be active is…
ROLER DERBY! I try to skate at least 3-4 times a week. But I’m always moving everyday! Even if it is a walk down to the park with my fur baby!


My most memorable achievement to date is…
Giving Birth! Seriously! Its hard work!


Why I started to use Tao Nutrition…
The Taste! Its like nothing I have had before! It’s so yummy! And its VEGAN! WINNING!

It’s so easy to incorporate into dishes and smoothies. Because it tastes so amazing, I find it is really versatile and I can sneak protein in anywhere!

I use Tao Nutrition in my smoothie, baking and of course on Pancake Sunday!


My go-to meals and snacks when I am super busy are…
Smoothies! Because I can make a huge batch and I know my daughter loves them too!

“Cooking and integrating protein powder into everyday snakes, meals and treats isn’t all that hard! There is so much you can do!”

Again, Welcome to the Tao Nutrition Ambassador team Sarah-Louise


We can not wait to see your upcoming Tao Nutrition creations!